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Welcome to Motor Home Seat Covers. com

A bespoke UK company based in Manchester, (the HOME OF MANCHESTER UNITED). We are engaged in the manufacture of elegant seat covers for the motorhomes / caravans. Our core qualities are that we manufacture in house all our products. We are very keen to select fabrics from the best manufacturers. Our fabrics are sourced from Germany, Holland and the UK.

A key advantage from buying from us is that we have 34 years of experience in the seat cover industry and we strive to bring in the best fabrics and fit for our customers vehicles. With a client base stretching across the globe, from major dealerships to independent businesses, we aim to give each of our customers the best service possible. We launch a new collection every year with the latest fabrics and technology for the seat covers keeping the comfort in mind.

Our staff are constantly updating our online shopping portals in order to build a wider client base and expand internationally. With this in mind, we work hard to make sure each product we produce is of the highest quality and is of a perfect finish.
We have a simple philosophy :
our job is to protect your original seating from dirt, water, grease etc. And also enhance the appearance of the seats, be it the front cab seats or the complete bench seats at the back. In turn our aim is to prolong the life span of the seating. So if you have come to protect your seating interior you have come to the right website.

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  • Ford Transit Motor Home Seat Covers, MH-182 Chestnut Brown Stripe

  • Mercedes Motor Home Seat Covers, Deborah Beige MH-124

  • Volkswagen Transporter Motor Home Seat Covers, Ellie Terracotta MH-120